500 Units On Itunes - And How You Can To

We did it. 500 Units sold on Itunes. I have to admit, when I completed my EP I didn't expect to sale one let alone five hundred. Up until a few months ago I was looking at it all wrong. At the end of the day its about selling records. With that said, everything you do should be aimed at doing just that. If its not to sell records then the next best thing is to aim at getting your fan base up which in turn will help you sell records.

500 Units? Thats not much, yea you right. Its not much to say a major artist. Yea i agree. But for a n---a who don't have a co-sign (Major Backing) or without airplay, and a indie I'd say It sits pretty good with ya boy. "I'm selling records" "I"m moving Units" are just a few of the things I feel when I reflect back.

From a label perspective we feeling really good cuz our first artist just broke 500 Units. And we did it on our own with out any gimmicks or shady business dealings. The radio jive like ain't showin no love right now so we had to go around them and use other avenues to get our music out there.

Here Are 5 Elements You Can Use Right Now To Build Awareness Of Your Music

1.) Shows - Performances get your music out there and gives you the possibility to sell your music. Once again, in reality no ones going to by your record if they haven't heard it. (The good thing about Itunes is the listener can stream your music before they decide to buy) Also be weary of shady promoters cuz they will eat you alive if you let them. Note: the bigger the venue the more potential listeners/customers/fans.

2.) Airplay - I think this and tv are the two major players that can help you sell your records. But as we just proved you can sell records without them. Just have to work a little harder. What it took us to do in 5 months probably could of been acheived within 1 with the help of radio. Reason being because radio and tv reaches a wider audience all a one time.

3.) Social Networking - Sites like myspace, facebook and twitter are real big right now and are great place for you to get the word out about or showcase your music. Remember we said it should be two main reasons for releasing your music. To build fans and to make sells. Thats it. Anything else then idk what to tell you. Note: Make sure you have a "buy now" button on where ever you have your music so you can catch some impulse shoppers.

4.) Mixtapes - Another good tool you can use to build fans and sell records. (Check out The Mixtape Promo Report located in The How2rap Bundle Pack for 24 of the top mixtape sites you can post your music on right now) Now days you can also find mixtape distribution online for the low to earn extra promotion and get a buzz with your mixtape.

5.) Press Releases - Send out a pr blast and get the word out about you and your music. Make sure you include a link for people to preview your music.


You have to be prepared for what ever comes your way. I don’t think it will be possible to sell a million records with out having all the proper elements in place. This means retail ready. (Thedoityourselfkit has the basics to get started) Be prepared to have your music blast off like never before. So when the time comes around you’ll be ready and then you can reap the benefits of releasing your own music.

Okay thats all for now kinfolk. Hope you can use atleast some of this info.

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