How2rap Point-System

How Do You Tell What Words Fall On Which Points?

This is a Drake verse (Starts at 1:08) that we were asked to break down, because they (Shots out to Smmartenies for sending us the verse) needed to know How Do You To Tell What Words Fall On Which Points? Points 4 & 8 are in Bold (If you got the book you know they are part of the Primary Point System Group) and for this example we'll bold and color the other primary group 2 & 6.

First Off You Know What It Is If Ya Heard Drake / Makin Hoes Wobble Like A Bridge In A Earthquake
Neva See Me Out Cause I Live In My Work Place / I Give U Da Buisness So Button Up Ya Shirt Straight
Look At Where I Landed / You Would Think I Planned It
I'm Just Doing Me And U Can Neva Understand It.
Chicks Get Hammered / Big D*** Bandit
Money Flowin Like A Slit Wrist No Bandage
Flow In Perfect Clouds Nigga / I'm So Sky High
I Aint Cuttin Anybodys Slices Outta My Pie
Outta This World Though / I'm So Sci-Fi
N I Dont Sit Still I Keep It Moving Like A Drive-By
I Just Tell Da Truth So I'm Cool In Every Hood Spot / twenty one Years And I Aint Eva Met A Good Cop
Me And Wayne Lean Like Kareem Doing Hook Shots / Cover Me I'm Going In Im Buckin When The Hook Drops

Note- Each Bar ends on Point 1 and starts on Point 2

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