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Learning to freestyle rap is a very hard craft that very few have had the ability to master. Rhyming fresh off the top of your dome is a craft in itself. It’s a gift to mesmerize the crowd with dialect right on the spot.

I’ve seen countless freestyle battles and it never fails to amaze me when a rapper gets up there and rhymes off the dome effortlessly, crushing every competitor who steps up for the challenge.

You know you’ve arrived when you’re able to freestyle to the point where it sounds like your emceeing something written. We can’t make you a hot freestyle rapper, but we can give you some tips that can help you along the way.

A great way to start is to just dive on in and start rapping. First pick a rhyming word. Any word you choose is fine, and from there start coming up with words that rhyme with the word you chose.

Practice free-styling in this fashion at first as a warm up. You can do this with or without a beat. After you wing it and have had enough practice this way try free styling using syllable words. Practice with one syllable words and two syllable words and so forth.

If you have the book The Official How To Rap Manual you can use The Official How To Rap Point-System to help you.

Article Addition - A How2rap Member sent this comment in and we had to put it in the actual article because we feel it is a great addition to How To Freestyle Rap. Thanks To Singh:

im gonna be honest with you, the article started out good but ended out of no where.

let me help out here...

Some people have a habbit, when freestyling to try to keep rhyming the same rhyme as much as posible, and fall dead on their face because they cant hold it out for another line...

When you freestyle, practicing, put down a rule, only rhyme the same rhyme once (two rhyme)

Then move on to another rhyme, its much easier, then as you get into the zone and better with this, go to three lines 1 rhyme...You will find your self making way more sense in your rap/freestyle as well as even tell a story with it ! and you will still "awe" people with it.

Well Good Luck, Until Next time

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