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Includes The Official How To Rap Manual - The Do It Yourself Kit: For Rappers - The Mixtape Promo Report and The How2rap Tips, Tricks & Techniques E-Book

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If you just started rapping or if you've been rapping for years this bundle pack is just what you need. Included is The Official How To Rap Manual – I guarantee you haven't experience anything like this book anywhere. And for the first time ever its included in this awesome How2rap Bundle Pack.

And that's not all – You also get The Do It Yourself Kit For Rappers. The title of this book says it all. Get on the fast track to making money off of your own music. Included in this Ebook is incredible resources that you can use right now to start building a buzz and making money off of your own music.

For any serious rapper who has a mixtape ready to go. Or when you do get to that point…your going to defintiely want to get your hands on the Top 24 mixtape sites that you can use right now to promote your mixttape and brand. Don't be left behind with this incredible report. All this for a price that is next to nothing.
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And thats not all. You also get The How2rap Tips, Tricks and Techniques Ebook. This incredible Ebook has all of the articles that are available on Also included is the Ten Part ECourse on How To Create A Song. This Ebook is Jam Packed with great Tips and Tricks for any future Rap Star.

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  The Official How To Rap Manual (E-Book):  
The #1 Rap Study Guide On The Planet - The Official How To Rap Manual uses a Ground-Breaking Revolutionary Point-System That WILL Enhance Rap Skill and Improve Flow and Delivery. No longer worry about finding lines that fit or not rapping on beat. The Official How To Rap Manual WILL HELP! ($10.99 Value)
($10.99 Value)
  The Do It Yourself Kit: For Rappers (E-Book):  
Also Included Is The Do It Yourself Kit: For Rappers. Learn How To Independantly Record, Release and SELL Your Own Music. As retail record sales continue to decline, digital download sales continue to RISE. Learn how this simple but sudden change propels you on a level playing field with the Majors. Learn To Do It Yourself NOW before its to late. ($4.99 Value)
($4.99 Value)
  The Mixtape Promo Report (E-Book):  
And Thats Not It.....The Mixtape Promo Report gives you The Top 24 Mixtape Sites that you can USE RIGHT NOW to promote your music. The mixtape game is at its highest its ever been right now. Artist like Drake are getting deals just off of their Mixtape and Others are building even Bigger buzz. Like Wiz Kahlifia who had over 100,000 listens the first week his Mix Cd dropped. Start Promoting Your Music Today ($1.99 Value)
($1.99 Value)
  The How2rap Tips, Tricks & Techniques (E-Book):  
Has over 55 pages of How To Rap Tips, Tricks & Techinques literally at your finger tips. Learn steps to help your success, ways to over come writers block, how to set up your own home studio and much, much more. Comes with BONUS, a special 4 page report that tells you the benefits of using Jango for your music which includes 5 TIPS TO SUCCEED ON JANGO. ($7.99 Value)
($7.99 Value)

You Get All This In The How2rap Bundle Pack
The Official How To Rap Manual (Ebook)
The Do It Yourself Kit: For Rappers
The Mixtape Promo Report
The How2rap Tips, Tricks & Techniques Ebook
Special Bonus

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The Urban Ning Network Promo Report

  The Urban Ning Network Promo Report (E-Book):  
This Report Gives You 40 Urban Ning Networking Sites That You Can Use Right Now To Promote Your Music. With this Report you will be running the internet in no time. Trying To Build A Buzz On The Net? Get On These Sites And Start Buidling Your Buzz Online - I use these very same sites to Promote my music, Which Has Helped me to Sell over 1400+ Units Online. ($7.99 Value)

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$11 ($28.96 Reg)
The How2rap Bundle Pack - Learn How To Rap, Release Your Own Record & Put Your Mixtape On These Top 24 Sites For The Best Mixtape Exposure.
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$11 ($28.96 Reg)


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