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Learn how a rapper from a small town in America stumbled across a ground-breaking Revolutionary point-system that transformed his flow and propelled his rap skill to Extraordinary Levels.

......And how this very Same System can work for YOU!!

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Do You Want To Improve Rap Skill? - Cant Find That Perfect Verse? - Verses Taking Too Long To Complete? - Problems Staying On Beat? - Bar Connections Seem Out Of Place or Dont Fit? - Build Rap Confidence - Learn How To Count Bars - Create Hotter Raps - Instantly Improve Rap Flow & Delivery - Brush Up On Rap Fudnamentals and Basics

The #1 Rap Study Guide On The Planet

Learn How To Rap with this One-Of-A-Kind Rap Study Guide - Instantly Enhances Flow & Delivery while BOOSTING Over All Rap Skill. Learn Little-Known Techniques in Simple Easy To Use Steps. Start TODAY!

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Dear Rapper,

This Book literally has hours, weeks and months, years even of researched informaion that is proven to Improve Rap Skill and help others Learn How To Rap.


Picking up tips listening to your favorite artist is helpful but if your anything like me - What you need is something you can study on your own and already has the answers to all your How To Rap questions.


After reading this book, the basic rap fundamentals will become second nature as they did for me and so many others. By fundamentals, I mean things like rhyme schemes, patterns, hooks and songwriting techniques. These same Rap Basics will improve your rap skill to exceptionally well levels. I know first hand these techniques work.

Left-The first cover for The Official How To Rap Manual. I t was the actual composition book that had songs and a lot of pages that ended up being in the final copy. I threw some headphones and money in the pic because I wanted to symbolize monetizing off of your music, which should be the ultimate goal once you decide to invest in your career and purchase this one of a kind book. Right- our first newsletter at How2rap.


Are you spending late nights and long hours searching for tips on how to rap better? - Having trouble trying to figure out what works and what doesn't? Search no more - All the research has already been done for you and put into one simple easy to use book.

This book has valuable “How to rap” information that if used right, has the potential to get you signed. Everything you need to start RAPPING BETTER NOW is inside this incredible book.

Discover FRESH new flows, styles and Rhyme Schemes that have yet to be used. (This will be super easy after reading this manual)

Learn how to create better raps and write better songs. Little Known Techniques that will teach you to Rap like a pro or your Favorite emcee. Get This Book TODAY and Take Your Rhyme Skill To Heights You Never Imagined.

If your like 90% of other rappers YOU learn a lot of what you know now by simply studying your favorite artist. That got me by for a while but nothing you do can match up to The #1 Rap Study Guide On The Planet. Study and listen to all the rap in the world but that ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY has nothing on the Proven principles and techniques that you'll learn after reading this manual.

These are sure fire How2rap Tactics and Methods you can use Right Now and will apply for a lifetime. The results are Simply Amazing...DO NOT let your competition get this before YOU.

"Simple, Easy To Use How To Rap Techniques That You Can Apply Right Now To SKY-ROCKET and Improve Rap Skill To Extraordinary Levels."

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What you need is a whole new understanding of rapping. Learn basic rap fundamentals, poetry, hook writing, lyric writing and much more inside this one of a kind how to rap manual.

We even provide a free bonus (The Understanding Bars Tutorial) below which will help get you started right away. More on that below.....

The information inside this book alone will improve your rap skill tremendously and make you a much better rapper. But there is a HUGE feature this book adds that will take your rhyme skill to places you never dreamed of. You will amaze yourself. I've seen it happen time and time again. Read more to find out what this HUGE feature is......


The night this system, I call “the secret code”, popped into my life it literally changed everything. Sitting in my room on a school night - Rhyming in my head over a beat, I noticed the standard rap line (Standard meaning the line scheme that every rapper alive uses the most) or bar has a unique set of points that runs off of measurable verbiage.


Instantly - your delivery will become tighter almost over night. Imagine using bar combinations other artist either don’t know or just are not using. Knock songs out quicker and record verses way faster than before. Your confidence will start growing tremendously and it will show in your raps. Just wait and see.

My raps were improving before stumbling onto the Point-system – but once I found the Point System everything I knew became magnified - And I’m positive it will do the same for you.


Act Now

Get your copy of the #1 Rap Study Guide
The Official How To Rap Manual

Availble at your Finger tips for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

  • Hundreds upon Hundreds of Rhyme Schemes, Styles and Flows.
  • Rap Tips and Techniques.
  • Poetry and Grammer lessons that help rhyming ability.
  • Learn how Tone & Pitch effects your lyrics.
  • Do You know how Grammer impacts your raps?
  • How to find and come up with metaphors.
  • Learn about inner rhyme (A rhyme style Tupac and many artist of today use on a regular basis) And Over 25 other ones you can add to your rhymes right now.
  • Learn what power positions are within your verse.
  • What lines of any lyric section are natrually strong?
  • Are you writing your lyrics in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person narrative?
  • What consonants give you a quick sharp sound when added to your lines?
  • Learn about word connections and letter sounds that will enhance your flow.
  • And much, much more......

Get this book before your competition. Study your craft. If you want to learn how to rap or just brush up on your skills then grab your copy today. You can be on your way to making hotter rhymes by tonight.
This is the SECRET CODE. The revolustionary break-through point-sytem. Will Enhance your flow and delivery simple and easy. Take a sneak peak.

After reading this manual your over all rap skill will definitely improve. I don’t know where I would be with out it. You are going get a whole new perception on rapping - A completely new understanding and enlightenment that I have yet to experience since it happened to me..


There is no style, fast or slow, this point-system can’t be used for. I GUARANTEE IT - No matter what the beat is – Country, Rock, R&B, fast or slow – Master our SECRET CODE and you will be able to rap ON POINT over any beat. Just think what that can do for you. Where most artist stumble you will succeed. When everybody is rapping one way you can switch up and rap another. You'll be able to tell exactly what style your favorite mc or opponent is using, just after one listen. Wow - Absolutely AMAZING.....

This point-system will work with any genre, even singers can benefit from it. What a dictionary is to a English major this MANUAL is for Rappers.

This manual prepares you for everything you need. The methods within its pages will work. Look what it has done and is doing for me.

This point-system works for everyone and that’s exactly why its being called a revolutionary break-through. – It is not restricted for just rap only.


For the last few years this system has literally helped THOUSANDS of rappers, beginners and professionals, improve rap skill. That's why I am 110% convinced that it will do the same for you.

These same little-known rap techniques will improve your rap skill and boost your confidence levels so you never feel embarrassed about rapping in front of crowds ever again.


"I just wanted to say I've been rapping for 9 years and the system in this book has done wonders for my rhyme skillz. I have been in 3 showcases, and I am currently having a sit down with a major Record Company. Thanks" -Vicious, Washington D.C.~



After you receive this book, study its chapters and master this amazing one of kind “How2rap” Point System. Your friends will wonder how you became so good so quick. Be the envy of all your competitors - The best in your group, the illest on the block. You just have to make the step which I know you will.

This Manual has the answers to all of your how to rap questions. There is even a contact address inside where you can contact us directly for any questions that you still have after receiving your book.

We receive questions 24/7. Recently we were asked to break down a Drake (Goin In) verse by a member who needed further explanation how this code worked. Check it out here.

AMAZE AUDIENCES With Easy To Follow PROVEN Rap Tips And Techniques. - Rap Like A Pro - No Matter Age Or Skill Level - This Book Will Help - Take The First Step To Rap Success Today!

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$7 For A Limited Time rap book buy now button


Originally priced at $18.95 – Act Now and you can get it for the Low Price of $7 (This is the cheapest anywhere) and as a token of our appreciation for purchasing - You get a FREE BONUS.

Wait A Minute......Bonus?

Thats Right - I'm Even Going To Add A Bonus Just To Help You Get Started As Quickly As Possible - You Get FREE ACCESS to our "Understanding Bars Tutorial" - BREAKS it down step by step how this incredible point system works while giving you a introduction to understanding bars - This tutorial has helped hundreds and rest assured it will do the same for YOU - Hurry before time runs out and its no longer available for free.

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